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Suicide is a leading cause of death within jails, prisons and juvenile facilities throughout the country.  The National Center on Institutions and Alternatives (NCIA) is recognized as one of the leading experts in the prevention of suicide in custody.  NCIA's Suicide Prevention in Custody Services, under the direction of Program Director Mr. Lindsay M. Hayes, provide services to local and state correctional agencies throughout the country to help alleviate the risk of inmate suicide and costly litigation.

According to NCIA "all correctional facilities, regardless of size, should have a detailed written suicide prevention policy.  At a minimum, the policy should address each of the following eight critical components.  Staff Training, Identification/Referral/Evaluation, Communication, Housing, Levels of Observation/Management, Intervention, Reporting, and Follow-Up/Morbidity-Mortality Review."  

One of the keys to suicide prevention is staff training - which is also an effective shield against liability.  All staff who come into contact with inmates, including correctional, medical, and mental health personnel, should receive basic and recurring suicide prevention training.


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