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Domestic violence is in today's headlines.....but it has been an NIC Hot Topic for more than a year.
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The prevention of domestic violence is not an emerging issue.  In July 2013, a "Hot Topic" comprised of nearly 50 studies on the prevention of domestic violence was added to the NIC website to respond to numerous inquiries by criminal justice professionals.  The topic is one of over ninety in the NIC Knowledgebase "Hot Topics" collection

"Recommended/Best Practices Programs for Prevention of Domestic Violence" examines community supervision approaches for domestic violence cases, crisis intervention/trauma response to the victims, screening and risk assessment tools, batterer treatment programs, domestic violence courts, advocacy groups, stalking offenders, and, if intervention programs are effective.  Batterer intervention programs have been proliferating in the United States for the past two decades.  These programs give batterers an alternative to jail.  They usually involve several months of attendance at group therapy sessions that attempt to stop the violence and change the batterers' attitudes toward women and battering.  Mounting evidence indicates that the programs might be ineffective.



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