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The National Institute of Corrections strives to increase the development of corrections professionals through online learning.   As part of this effort, students can enroll in Self-Paced Learning Plans, a group of e-courses on a similar subject that you complete at your pace. All corrections professionals are eligible to enroll in the plans, and certificates of completion are available for each plan you complete.  You can print your own certificate, or if you prefer the NIC Learning Center will automatically email a certificate of completion and  permanently archive the record in each user account.

Ten plans are grouped into three categories:  


  1. Communication Skills with Offenders.  Learn communication skills for use with offenders.  You will also learn business communication skills that can be applied to interactions with offenders.  You must complete three corrections-based courses and two optional courses to earn a completion.
  2. Evidence-Based Practices in a Correctional Setting.  This is a six-course program for front line supervisors and staff in pretrial, probation, jails, prisons, parole, and re-entry.  Complete the pre-assessment and each of the courses to earn a certificate.  See attachment for additional information.  


  1. Advanced Knowledge for Trainers.  Learn advanced skills for trainers, including program evaluation and coaching skills.  You must complete three courses to earn a completion.
  2. Foundation Knowledge for Trainers.  Learn skills that every trainer should have, including receiving feedback and being an effective team member.  You must complete six courses to earn a completion.
  3. Instructional Design Basics.  Learn the basics of instructional design, including business writing, how to develop performance objectives, and Instructional Theory into Practice (ITIP).  You must complete five courses to earn a completion.
  4. Trainer as a Change Agent.  Learn skills that will help you foster change in your organization.  You must complete five courses to earn a completion.


  1. Basic First Aid.  Learn the basics of first aid and CPR in this three course series.
  2. Electronic Communications.  Learn email and instant messaging etiquette, mail organization, effective email distribution, and the risks of electronic communication.  You must complete four courses to earn a completion.  Optional courses covering Outlook 2010 are also included. 


If you haven't done so already, please create an account, or log in if you already have an account, before attempting to enroll in a Learning Plan.  Then, go to Catalog > Self-Paced Learning Plans.  Click + to the left of a learning plan to see the required and optional courses.  Click the green + to the right of a learning plan for immediate registration and to launch courses from this page.  Your learning plan is also available via My Learning > My Self-Paced Learning Plans.


Agencies interested in developing their own custom Learning Plans should contact Scott Weygandt, Management and Program Analyst in the NIC Academy Division, and Manager of the NIC Learning Center. Scott will work with your agency to select from over 300 e-courses to build the right Learning Plan for you and your staff.

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