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WSPIC Video: Gender Responsive Core Guidelines
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From the Women’s Services Practice Improvement Collaborative (WSPIC), this video highlights core treatment guidelines developed by WSPIC and extracted from the larger group of Treatment Guidelines for Gender Responsive Treatment of Women with Substance Use Disorders. While all the treatment guidelines are important for an effective program, these core women’s program guideline areas are features of the program that are fundamental for women’s programs in particular.WSPIC

Core Women’s Program Guidelines:

  1. Assessment and Engagement
  2. Recovery Planning
  3. Clinical Treatment Program Design
  4. Recovery Supports
  5. General Program Environmental Features
  6. Staff Competencies and Training
  7. Program Evaluation

The WSPIC webpage also includes documents and tools, such as gender responsive program self-assessment and gender responsive implementation plans.  The WSPIC guidelines highlighted on the video are available as a flowchart, full guidelines, core guidelines, and have been modified for programs serving both men and women.

WSPIC is a collaborative of the Connecticut Women's Consortium (CWC), Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS), and women's specialty service providers funded by DMHAS.

Connecticut Women's Consortium (CWC)

The Connecticut Women’s Consortium (CWC) is a nonprofit organization that provides education, training, advocacy, and policy development on gender-responsive and trauma-informed care. Our audience includes men and women, state agencies, nonprofits, clinicians, social workers, teachers, students, and others interested in mental health, addiction, behavioral health care and community reintegration.

The CWC provides training courses in behavioral health, gender and trauma. We also lead on initiatives and programs that support trauma-informed, gender-responsive practices, such as our Intimate Partner Violence Project for incarcerated women with Connecticut’s Department of Public Health or the Trauma and Gender Practice Improvement Collaborative (TAG Initiative) with Connecticut’s Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

The Connecticut Women’s Consortium (CWC) is a co-sponsor, along with the national Association on Programs for Female Offenders (AJFO), for the upcoming 16th Bi-annual Adult and Juvenile Female Offender conference on October 13-15, 2015 in Hartford, Connecticut.


This announcement is available at NIC's Gender-Responsive News for Women and Girls.  Feel free to forward to friends and colleagues.  Subscribe to the newsletter at

For additional resources on Justice-Involved Women go to NIC’s Women Offenders.

Posted Tue, Mar 17 2015 6:50 AM by Susan Powell


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