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November 2015 - NIC News & Updates

NIC News & Updates


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    States of Women's Incarceration: The Global Context

    Mass incarceration in the United States is a hot topic in the news. The United States incarcerates 716 people for every 100,000 residents. That number is higher than any other country in the world. Most of those incarcerated are men, but hidden in the incarceration numbers are the number of women held in correctional facilities. The Prison Policy Initiative released a new report that compares the incarceration rate of women in individual U.S. states to other countries. This report, States of Women's...
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    New in the Library – Safeguarding the Rights of Girls in the Criminal Justice System

    From the Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Violence Against Children, Safeguarding the Rights of Girls in the Criminal Justice System , provides an international view on how “girls who fall victim to violence often find themselves criminalized, which can lead, in turn, to further violence against them in the criminal justice system.” Sections of the report include: Factors contributing to the vulnerability of girls in the criminal justice system; Gender...
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    JRSA Webinar - Key Topics in Pretrial Justice

    The Justice Research and Statistics Association (JRSA) is presenting this upcoming free webinar on key topics in pretrial justice. The JRSA is a national nonprofit organization of state Statistical Analysis Center (SAC) directors, and other researchers. Webinar Description: This 90-minute interactive webinar will provide relevant information on the most important topics in pretrial justice today. Recent developments in risk assessment and risk management, money bail, states' law changes and litigation...
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    New in the Library - Compendium of Research on Violence Against Women

    From the National Institute of Justice, Victim and Victimization Research Division, the Compendium of Research on Violence Against Women, 1993-2014 , is updated annually to give researchers and support providers easier access to recent evidence-based findings. The Compendium includes an abstract of each grant research study with details on how to find further publications. Sections of the Compendium include topics such as: Justice & Related Systems - Victim Services; Definition & Measurement...
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