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NIC's Health Reform and Public Safety Webinar Series
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With the advent of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, it is possible for millions of low-income, justice-involved individuals to obtain health care or insurance coverage for their physical and behavioral health needs. This far reaching system change will affectWebinars Healthcare every deci­sion point in the criminal justice system, from arrest to reentry. Criminal Justice professionals and Health Care professionals alike have a role in helping these individuals determine eligibility and facilitate enrollment.

NIC is pleased to offer a series of webinars that delve into health reform issues in a criminal justice or corrections setting. The series consists of three webinars:

Health Literacy: Enhancing Access to Health Care for Justice Involved Individuals

Eligibility and Enrollment How Does this Act Actually Work

Medicaid Administrative Claiming and Targeted Case Management: Opportunities for Public Safety

The webinars were originally broadcast in 2014. All three plus the entire Health Reform and Public Safety: New Opportunities and Better Outcomes broadcast are now available on the NIC website.


For Additional Resources: Affordable Care Act, Bridging the Gap: Improving the Health of Justice-Involved People through Information Technology, A Note on HIPAA and 42 CFR Part 2: Dispelling the Myths about Justice-Health Information Sharing

Posted Thu, Jan 21 2016 4:00 PM by Elizabeth


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