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NIC Hosts Harkness Fellow Studying Evidence Based Decision Making in the U.S. Criminal Justice System
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Aphra GreenFor the next three months, the NIC is hosting Aphra Green from the New Zealand Ministry of Justice. Aphra is the recipient of a Harkness Fellowship, which is designed to support emerging leaders in the New Zealand public sector to benefit from a period of study or research in the United States. Aphra is a member of the management team of the Sector Group in the Ministry of Justice, which supports justice sector agencies (Justice, Police, Corrections, Crown Law and the Serious Fraud Office) to work together to improve the New Zealand justice system.

Her particular focus while at the NIC is to learn about evidence based decision making and pre-trial reform.  Both of these are areas of focus in New Zealand - EBDM because the New Zealand government is focusing on the use of data to improve the lives of New Zealanders through evidence-based investments in social services (including crime prevention services) (, and pre-trial because one area of growth in the New Zealand prison population has been in the remand population.

Aphra says she is excited to work alongside the EBDM team to learn from what they've done and to take these lessons back to New Zealand.

"Even in just a week I've already learnt so much.  My initial impression is that the NZ and US criminal justice systems are facing similar challenges - so there are lots of opportunities for mutual exchange.”

"What I'm particularly excited about is that in addition to setting the strategic framework for EBDM, NIC has also piloted its implementation at a number of trial sites.  I'm keen to understand the key success factors in getting local stakeholder buy-in to such a significant change."

Biography: Aphra Green

Aphra Green is Manager of the Sector Strategy Team at the New Zealand Ministry of Justice.  Her team works across justice agencies (Ministry of Justice, Department of Corrections, Police, Serious Fraud Office and Crown Law) to provide advice to Justice Sector leaders on sector goals and how to achieve them.  She has a background in public policy and management, and prior to this role was the Manager of the Criminal Law Policy Team, responsible for domestic and international criminal law.  She has a longstanding interest in criminal justice issues, and has been involved in significant NZ criminal justice reforms.  In her early career, she briefly practised law, specialising in public law and local government, before completing a research fellowship with the Human Genome Research Project at the University of Otago.  She has a Masters in Law (with Distinction) from the University of Otago, New Zealand.

Posted Tue, Mar 1 2016 6:03 AM by Susan Powell


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