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Reentry TIPSHEETS for Women
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The series, Reentry TIPSHEETS for Women, is designed to help correctional staff and other supportive stakeholders, who are working with women during the pre-release planning process and during reentry to address their needs as they transition to the community. The TIPSHEETS are an important resource for staff to use as a component of their ongoing discussions with the woman during her reentry planning process, and as a reminder of discussions and plans that have been identified during her period of incarceration. They are not intended to be handouts merely given to women on their way out the jail or prison door. Of necessity the Reentry TIPSHEETS for Women cover each topic generally and provide links to national resources. They will be most helpful when they can be paired with specific, on-the-ground resources that are available in the communities where each returning women lives.

The twelve TIPSHEETS in the series include:

  • Career Exploration and Training Tipsheet: Discover Your Interests, Skills and Career Training Choices
  • Education Tipsheet: Planning Now for Your Educational Needs
  • Employment Tipsheet: Planning Now for Getting a Job
  • Family Re-unification Tipsheet: Preparing Yourself to Return to Your Children
  • Financial Literacy Tipsheet:
    • Planning Now for Future Financial Independence
    • Basic Monthly Budget Planning Sheet
    • Glossery of Commonly Used Terms
  • Finding Housing Tipsheet: Finding a Safe Stable Place to Live
  • Identification and Personal Records Tipsheet: Planning Now to Have Critical Documents and ID
  • Mentoring Tipsheet: Mentor-A Coach to Help You Win at Life
  • Physical Health Tipsheet: Leading a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Self Empowerment and Self Esteem Tipsheet: Becoming the Woman You Want to Be
  • Transportation Tipsheet: Getting Around Town
  • Your Mental Health Tipsheet: Your Mental and Emotional Health

The Reentry TIPSHEETS for Women were prepared by Coffey Consulting, LLP under a contract with the US Department of Labor. They are a collaborative product of the Women and Reentry Working group, a subcommittee of the Federal Interagency Reentry Council. The purpose of the Reentry Council, convened by the Attorney General at the Department of Justice, is to enlist the help of agencies across the Federal government to remove federal barriers to successful reentry, so that motivated individuals - who have served their time and paid their debts – are able to compete for a job, attain stable housing, support their children and their families, and contribute to their communities.


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For additional resources on Justice-Involved Women go to NIC’s Women Offenders.

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