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Outagamie County Wisconsin Judge John Des Jardins’ Philosophical Change
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EBDM Judge Des Jardin started his career as a district attorney. He had a reputation as tough prosecutor. He had similar reputation as a judge. He was skeptical of treatment courts. He thought of them as touchy-feely. Then he took the time to sit in on Outagamie County’s drug treatment court, and his opinion began to change. Today he runs the county’s veterans court and is chair of Outagamie County’s EBDM team.

Outagamie County is one of eight counties in Wisconsin participating in the National Institute of Corrections’ Evidence-Base Decision Making Initiative. EBDM is a research based approach to criminal justice system decisions. Police, prosecutors and courts all rely on research-based assessments to determine the best way to handle someone accused of a crime. It is based on the principle of keeping low-risk offenders out of the system and concentrating resources on med and high risk offenders. Judges' continue to have discretion in sentencing. EBDM is just another tool in their toolkit.



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