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August 2016 - NIC News & Updates

NIC News & Updates


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    Overlooked: Women and Jails in an Era of Reform

    Recently released from the Vera Institute of Justice: The number of women in jail—most of them mothers—is growing faster than any other group behind bars, but has largely been overlooked from reform efforts, a new report released from the Vera Institute of Justice and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation’s Safety and Justice Challenge reveals. The number of women in jail in the U.S. has grown 14-fold since 1970 and continues to rise, even as the number of men in jail...
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    New from NIC: No Place for Youth: Girls in the Adult Justice System

    In collaboration with the National Council on Crime and Delinquency (NCCD) NIC released a new report on the growing number of girls under 18 in the adult system. From the introduction: The bulletin focuses on the population of girls under the age of 18 who are confined to adult facilities in the United States. It provides a summary of current research, incorporates the voices of practitioners, and offers recommendations for improving conditions and outcomes for girls who are sentenced to adult facilities...
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    Building a Trauma-Informed Nation: Moving the Conversation into Action

    From the Federal Partners Committee on Women and Trauma: Building a Trauma-Informed Nation: Moving the Conversation into Action On September 29-30, 2015, the Committee held this unique event with more than 2,000 participants each day. They came together from across the country, either in person or virtually, to answer the question, “What would a Trauma-Informed Nation look like?” The event offered four catalyst sessions on Communities, Justice, Health and Education, with each session...
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    Education: An Important Step for Incarcerated Women

    Last month Monnero Guervil from the Vera Institute of Justice interviewed Vivian Nixon, Executive Director of College and Community Fellowship, on The Importance of Education for Incarcerated Women . The College and Community Fellowship provides formally incarcerated women with support services and programs while they pursue their education. Ms. Nixon was part of a panel of formally incarcerated people who spoke last year at the National Reentry Symposium hosted by the National Institute of Corrections...
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