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La Crosse County moves to implementation phase of evidence-based decision making initiative

NIC’s initiative EBDM is a strategic method of applying research-supported principles to justice system decisions. EBDM’s goal is to build a framework across criminal justice agencies to protect public safety and to improve outcomes for the justice-involved. The initiative has just completed Phase V. During Phase V, the selected sites--Indiana, Virginia, and Wisconsin—created state-level processes and strategies to align state and local officials and jurisdictions with one another and with the principles of EBDM.

A recent article in the La Crosse County Tribune (Wisconsin) Attorney General Brad Schimel describes the results of EBDM Phase V. “Through the involvement and engagement of stakeholders from across Wisconsin’s criminal justice system, Wisconsin’s EBDM teams have developed a shared vision for criminal justice system reform in Wisconsin. NIC providing Wisconsin their expertise and an opportunity to continue this shared vision is a big win for our state.”

Going forward, Wisconsin enters EBDM Phase VI, the implementation phase of the initiative. In addition to La Crosse County, other counties involved in the initiative are: Chippewa, Eau Claire, Marathon, Milwaukee, Outagamie, Rock, and Waukesha. During Phase VI, Wisconsin’s EBDM teams will work to implement three overarching goals:

  1. Increase public safety, reduce harm, and improve the quality of life;
  2. Promote fairness and equal treatment; and
  3. Use resources effectively. To advance these goals, each county has developed a multi-faceted plan that will implement a variety of approaches at different decision points across the criminal justice system.

Read the full article here.

For more information and resources visit:  EBDM in Local Criminal Justice Systems

Posted Wed, Nov 2 2016 6:01 AM by Susan Powell


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