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Cooperative Agreement: Employment Retention Inventory Research Project
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Updated: Questions and Answers below

The National Institute of Corrections (NIC) is seeking applications for funding under the Fiscal Year (FY) 2017. Work under this cooperative agreement will involve the statistical analysis of the Employment Retention Inventory (ERI) to assign quantitative value to qualitative data specific to criminogenic risk levels.


In 2010, the National Institute of Corrections entered into an 18-month cooperative agreement with Learning Designs, Inc. to develop a competency-based training curriculum to provide practitioners with the knowledge and skills needed specific to employment retention services for justice involved adults. In addition to the curriculum, an Employment Retention Inventory (ERI) was developed to identify precursors to job loss and/or recidivism while creating a process for connecting targeted populations to specialized services that address their risk for job loss and recidivism successfully – with the understanding that programming should target justice involved adults found to be at medium/high risk for job loss and criminal activities. The initial validation study of the ERI completed in September 2016 indicated promising results while adding to the body of knowledge currently available specific to offender workforce development.

The goal of this project is to determine whether the ERI effectively identifies the precursors, obstacles, and personality traits that influence an offender's separation from the workforce. In addition, this project will explore the relationship between offender employment retention and recidivism. The major deliverables of this project include (1) the use of a system to capture and evaluate data and (2) a written report that summarizes project findings, recommendations, and potential next steps. This project will be a collaborative venture with the NIC Community Services Division.


Deadline: Applications must be received before midnight (ET) on June 10, 2017.




Please note effective July 1, 2013 the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) was merged to the System for Award Management (SAM).  The SAM registry and Frequently Asked Questions can be reached at  Please note that the registration process can take up to 1-3 weeks, so please plan accordingly.

Questions and Answers


I am interested in applying for the ERI research project (CFDA # 16.602) with a colleague (name omitted by NIC) and we are currently examining the objectives of the program. I realize this will be performed in the form of a cooperative agreement, so I was wondering whether or not NIC will be cooperating with the awardee in data collection. If not, are you expecting letters of support from agencies which may help us in getting access to the target population?


To support the data collection process, NIC will work with the awardee to provide access to the target population.


I'm the Associate Director for the (omitted by NIC). (Omitted by NIC) is working on developing an application for the grant to evaluate the Employment Retention Inventory assessment tool. 

We reviewed the study by the Urban Institute. The study provided good descriptions of the ERI tool but did not include a copy of the questionnaire. Would you be able to provide a copy of the current questionnaire and any protocols for administering it?


While the ERI will not be provided to applicants, the awardee will be provide all iterations of the ERI (to include all historical documents).


Two questions:

  1. What is the correct deadline for this funding opportunity? The RFA on NIC's website says 11:59pm Friday, June 9. The version on says 11:59pm Saturday, June 10. 
  2. The Financial Management and Systems of Internal Controls Questionnaire and the Disclosure of Lobbying Activities form were not included in the application package. Will a revised application package be released or should applicants download those forms from and attach them as "other attachments" to the application?


The solicitation announcement now reflects the corrected deadline of Saturday, June 10, 2017 at 11:59 PM.  In addition, the solicitation package now includes the Lobbying Activities form (SF-LLL) - while excluding the Systems of Internal Controls Questionnaire. 


I saw the solicitation for the Employment Retention Inventory Research Project.  I'm not sure that I understand what this announcement entail, whether new data collection or analysis of data NIC is collecting.  Can we have a brief phone conversation about this?  Please let me know, I am pretty flexible on time.

OK, does that mean you will respond to my question online, or do I have to submit it from your website?


Work under this cooperative agreement will involve the statistical analysis of the Employment Retention Inventory (ERI) to assign quantitative value to qualitative data specific to criminogenic risk levels.  The expectation is for the applicant to present a realistic plan for achieving project goals.

For programmatic questions concerning this solicitation, contact P. Elizabeth Taylor Correctional Program Specialist, National Institute of Corrections -  Responses to programmatic questions will be posted weekly on NIC’s website for public review. The website will be updated regularly and postings will remain on the website until the closing date of this solicitation.


(Name omitted) and I have a quick question about the due date of the ERI proposal. On NIC’s website and the due date is still June 10th. Is this correct date?


All applications are due to be submitted and in receipt of a successful validation message in by 11:59 p.m. eastern time on June 10, 2017.


I am assisting one of our faculty with the submission of NIC Fy 2017 Employment Retention Inventory Research Project to the NIC.

I could not find much information about Financial Management and System of Internal Control Form. I downloaded a similar form from Department of Justice. Shall we use this form to the additional attachments? Please see attachment.


The solicitation package was updated to include the Lobbying Activities form (SF-LLL) - while excluding the Systems of Internal Controls Questionnaire.

Posted Mon, Apr 10 2017 12:52 PM by Elizabeth


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