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    NIC Guides Connecticut Sentencing Commission On Bail Reform

    As part of National Institute of Corrections' technical assistance program,Tim Schnake recently presented to the Connecticut Sentencing Commission on the fundamentals of bail and bail reform. This presentation focused on the key practices outlined in the NIC publication, Fundamentals of Bail: A Resource Guide for Pretrial Practitioners and a Framework for American Pretrial Reform . Included in the presentation is an address by Governor Malloy of Connecticut outlining his desire for pretrial reform...
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    New Publication: Moving Beyond Incarceration for Women in Massachusetts

    From the Wellesley Centers for Women, this 2015 Massachusetts Women’s Justice Network (MWJN) Policy Brief is intended to help policy makers and others understand MWJN’s concerns with the state’s bail and pretrial practices for women and to ensure that they are addressed by current legislative and administrative efforts at pretrial reform. Moving Beyond Incarceration for Women in Massachusetts: The Necessity of Bail/Pretrial Reform provides data on bail and pretrial detention for...
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    New from NIC: Fundamentals of Bail

    The National Institute of Corrections (NIC) has partnered with Tim Schnacke from the Center for Legal and Evidence-Based Practices to produce a new publication titled, Fundamentals of Bail: A Resource Guide for Pretrial Practitioners and a Framework for American Pretrial Reform , part of a series of papers dealing with acute criminal pretrial issues. This paper, which summarizes (1) why America needs pretrial justice, (2) the history of bail, (3) the legal foundations of the pretrial phase of a criminal...
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