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    Working with Female Offenders: What Does Science Tell Us?

    Authored by Kimberly Gentry Sperber, Ph.D., this slide presentation provides an overview on the current science around female offenders highlighting both the gender-neutral Evidence-Based Practices (EBP) and the gender informed research specific to justice involved women. Questions such as: Does the LSI-R work for women and what studies demonstrate results? are asked and answered. Sections of the presentation include: Setting the stage: Statistics on women under correctional supervision So where...
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    States of Women's Incarceration: The Global Context

    Mass incarceration in the United States is a hot topic in the news. The United States incarcerates 716 people for every 100,000 residents. That number is higher than any other country in the world. Most of those incarcerated are men, but hidden in the incarceration numbers are the number of women held in correctional facilities. The Prison Policy Initiative released a new report that compares the incarceration rate of women in individual U.S. states to other countries. This report, States of Women's...
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