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New Product from NIC: Online/Kiosk Employment Application Simulation

In response to the growing use of online and kiosk employment applications, the Offender Workforce Development Division of the National Institute of Corrections has developed simulation software that allows offenders to practice completing an employment application on personal computers that do not have access to the Internet. The software is CD-based and is compatible with the Windows® operating system.

According to John Moore, Chief of the Offender Workforce Development Division of the National Institute of Corrections, "many of the prisoners being released from correctional facilities are ill-prepared to apply for jobs that have an online or kiosk-based employment application owing to their inexperience with computers and the Internet." Moore adds that "most jails and prisons do not allow prisoners to access the Internet, creating a barrier for preparing inmates to compete in today's technologically driven human resources environment."

The software developed by the National Institute of Corrections overcomes this barrier by simulating the experience of completing an online application. The software also educates the user about online applications, provides a printable worksheet that can be used to prepare offenders for completing these applications, and allows the user to print out the entries made during the simulation. Context sensitive help is provided throughout the simulation.

The Online/Kiosk Employment Application Simulation is suitable for corrections, probation, and parole agencies as well as faith-based and community organizations. It is available at no cost from the National Institute of Corrections through the agency's Information Center. To obtain a copy of the software, you may do so on the web by going here.  You may also obtain a copy by calling the Information Center at 1-800-877-1461 or emailing Request item # 022996.

 Please view the video below for a description and screenshots of the software.

Format: aspx
Duration: 1:14

Posted Tue, May 13 2008 12:09 PM by Scott


C Blair wrote re: New Product from NIC: Online/Kiosk Employment Application Simulation
on Wed, May 14 2008 3:19 PM

Well done and great that it gives those unable to access the internet the opportunity to practice. using on line applications.

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