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Virtual T4C Groups

Submitted by Archie Weather… on Mon, 05/24/2021 - 14:25

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Is your agency/organization offering virtual T4C groups for justice-involved individuals? If so, please share what your are doing (which web conferencing/virtual platform you are using, how many times a week are your offering your sessions, highlights, "do-differentlies", and etc.)

Submitted by latoya.wilson@… on Mon, 06/21/2021 - 11:26

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1 month

Hennepin County Corrections is currently offering T4C virtually. The first class was held back in the beginning of Spring with 2 facilitators, 2x a week, 8 participants and 6 graduating from the program. The virtual platform was facilitated through Microsoft Teams. Just with any program whether virtually or in person, there was some attendance issues that we worked out. For the most part the only snafu was the wifi connection for some and also the videos that are embedded in T4C did not play sometimes. That may have been attributed to the wifi connection as well. Participants were provided tablets to attend class and some attended via phone. Downloading the Teams app was sometimes cumbersome depending on many factors that were beyond our control. All and all it was a good experience and there are more groups scheduled virtually.