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Jail Inspector Initiative Database

Submitted by Beth Kreger TRP on Fri, 09/03/2021 - 09:22

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2 months 2 weeks

Good morning and Happy Friday!!

I am really excited the forum is up and running.  My name is Beth Kreger and I am working with Glenn and Launa Kowalczyk on the Jail Inspectors Imitative.  As a part of the Initiative, we are updating the Chief Inspector database.  Based on feedback from the first survey, a small workgroup has been put together to design the updated database.  We will be asking for your feedback over the next couple of weeks.  Links to surveys will be posted on the forum.

The first survey link is  Please copy and paste the link into your browser.  Please reach out, via a comment on this thread, if you have any questions or issues with the survey.  I look forward to your feedback.  Please complete by September 10, 2021.

Have a great holiday weekend.

Submitted by Beth Kreger TRP on Wed, 09/08/2021 - 13:38

Member for

2 months 2 weeks

Good afternoon,

Just a friendly reminder.....Please take a moment to complete the Chief Jail Inspector database survey.  The link is in the original post.  Please reach out if you have any questions.  I look forward to receiving your feedback.



I'm not sure...I "thought" I was "signed into" the "link/sight" that was set up here...when we talked the other day, I think you didn't think it looked like I had.  Not there something else I need to do to "get 'er done" or am I good?