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Funding Opportunities

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Good Morning Everyone,

NIC has 2 funding opportunities open now.

NEW! The Fiscal Year 2021 OVW National Service Line for Incarcerated Survivors of Sexual Abuse Solicitation
 is now available!
Apply by: September 1st
The FY 2021 OVW National Service Line for Incarcerated Survivors of Sexual Abuse Solicitation is now available.
There are thousands of victims of sexual abuse in prisons and jails across the country, and insufficient services to meet their needs. This one-time funding opportunity, issued through a partnership between OVW and BJA, seeks to explore the development of a National Service Line to ensure quality services to previously or currently incarcerated survivors of sexual abuse.
Eligible applicants are nonprofit organizations, victim service providers, and universities/institutions of higher education. Eligible applicants, including partners, must have expertise and experience working at the national level on projects related to corrections, the provision of services for survivors of sexual abuse, and implementation of the PREA Standards.
The project period is 24 months and $600K is available in funding.
The application deadline is September 1, 2021.
OVW and BJA will host a pre-application webinar on July 20, 2021 to answer questions about this unique funding opportunity. To register, email:
Learn More at:

View all open OVW solicitations at


NIC FY 2021 Management Development for Women and Minorities in Corrections Curriculum Update

The National Institute of Corrections seeks to update the curriculum entitled: Management Development for Women and Minorities in Corrections.  The goal is to provide women and minorities with the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills vital to their development as effective managers and leaders in corrections.

Despite the increase of career opportunities in the corrections field, qualified staff are often hampered in career advancement because they lack significant management experience.  Sometimes the challenge is that only a few employees have the needed skills to take on comprehensive assignments.  The challenge to the most informed and insightful executive leader is to work to exceed federally mandated expectations in the workplace to advance women and minorities when real constitutional challenges to civil rights are viral. Diversity is a business asset and a key element of business success.  The updated curriculum will provide the strategies and skills needed by women and minorities to promote correctional management career development.

The solicitation can be found at:      Type 21JD14 into the box marked Opportunity Number