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NinaEdwards Posted: Thu, Mar 4 2010 9:08 AM
I am inquiring about any policies or procedures regarding the use of motorized wheelchairs by inmates in your correctional facilities. Does your Agency/jail have any such policies allowing or excluding them? If so, what is the criteria used to allow or not allow them? How do you deal with any relevant security issues? N. Edwards Director of Disability Rights for Inmates New York City Department of Correction
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There doesn't exist any policy specific on electric wheelchairs per se, but acccording to a recent article, q.v. click here, most correctional facilities allow the use of such chairs in their prisons.  I'm trying to research the same about county jails since there doesn't seem to be too many articles concerning their facilities.  More people serve time or are booked into county facilities than to state and federal prisons (they do allow motorized chairs).  You may have to be more assertive with your rights in order to be allowed to use your chair vs. one of theirs.

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