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Critical Incident Practice Drills

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Dave Baker Posted: Mon, Sep 27 2010 8:59 AM
Howdy all. Looking for some direction in conducting Critical Incident drills. Some Topics I am looking for are: Suicide Intervention Medical Emergency Lock Failure Power Failure Terrorist Threat/Attack Escape Drills Hostage Situation Bomb Threat Natural Disaster Mass Arrest Inmate Disturbance These are all in the Crital Incident policy, but I am looking for drill procedures/training outlines/evaluation process. Pretty much anything. Thanks in advance.
Dave Baker
Training Lieutenant
Multi-County Correctional Center
1514 Victory Road
Marion, Ohio 43302
(740) 387-7434 ext 220
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SGTR replied on Thu, Oct 21 2010 2:37 AM
I conducted a drill during a certification for our medical staff. I had gotten a smoke generator from the local high school stage crew. I placed the smoke maker in our returning inmate area. The drill was that an inmate returned from work release with a bomb and it went off early injuring a boat load of other inmates in the same area (used trustees as victims). The smoke made it hard to see along with the fire alarms going off and trying to communicate created some good training. The officers and medical staff had to do their thing by moving injured inmates to the evac site, during this the staff also had to maintain security.
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