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Average Daily Costs for Housing An Inmate

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tmccarty Posted: Sun, Feb 25 2007 7:55 AM

I am seeking information/data regarding the average daily costs for housing an inmate in a County Jail.  I realize this daily dollar figure will differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction; however, I am especially interested if a national average daily cost has been projected?  Also are such average daily costs for an inmate in county jails available by state.  Are there average daily cost figures for each state available?

My interest is the average daily costs associated with housing an inmate detained in a county jail as opposed to state or federal prison systems.  I am aware that many county jail facilities offer differing criteria for determining these costs.  For example, some jurisdictions may not include medical assessment costs, mental health assessment costs, and related treatment costs in such calculations.

Any information available on this topic or resources that should be pursued further would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance for your assistance.





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Check out the Oregon State Sheriffs Association Website.  Oregonsheriff'   You should be able to locate the information in the jail command council section.


Aaron Hartman Supervisor Klamath County Community Corrections

replied on Thu, Aug 16 2007 6:08 PM

According to the Corrections Yearbook (2002) using 2000 statistics, the cost per day per prisoner average was $68.58 for the largest jail systems (>2000 prisoners). For larger systems (1000 to 1,999) it was $54.60. Large (500 to 999) $56.30. Medium (250 to 499) $58.46. Small (<249) $63.49. The overall average was $58.64. These are the latest numbers because, unfortunately, the Criminal Justice Institute is no longer publishing the Corrections Yearbook.

The United States Marshals Service has a "Cost Sheet for Detention Services" that's useful for calculating a per diem rate.  Click here to view it.


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