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NIC How to be an Effective Field Training Officer Training Elizabethtown PA

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jill fluck Posted: Tue, Aug 7 2007 12:42 PM






Phone:  (717) 367-9070       Fax:  (717) 367-5858



                           July 23, 2007


Course Title:


How To Be An Effective Field Training Officer: National Institute of Corrections

Course Code:



Session Code:


Training Site:

DOC Training Academy


Course Start Date:


First Day Start Time:



Course End Date:


Course Credit:





Nomination Due Date:


Target Group:

Executive-level administrators, deputy administrators, supervisors, managers, Field Training Officers in jails, prisons, and community corrections agencies.



Course Description:

This program was developed by the National Institute of Corrections, Regional Training Initiative, Northeast Region, and will address the needs of a Corrections Field Training Officer (FTO), and prepare him/her to become a better FTO within his/her facility. This training will address such areas as leadership, adult learning styles, emotional intelligence, and multiple- intelligence, mentoring, and coaching of the new officers.

Course Objectives

Immediate Outcome – An Officer will be trained as a trainer and also to become a Field Training Officer who is ready and fully competent to return to their department and train the new Officers in a professional and effective manner.  They will be able to fully recognize the needs of their trainees and be able to utilize the most effective adult learning style which meets the needs of that Officer.

Intermediate Outcome - Better trained new Officers will be equipped to assume their duties as Officers with a higher level of field training.  Additionally, competent Field Training Officers can provide remedial training for veteran officers who are experiencing difficulties in various areas such as new technology or new policies.  The Field Training Officers will be comfortable teaching one on one with senior officers.

Ultimate Outcome - A more efficiently run department as these new and experienced Officers take Probation Professionalism to a higher level. This will lead to a more productive and efficiently run department.

Standards for Successful Completion:

·         Actively participate in class activities

·         Complete all class assignments

·         Attend entire course

Administrative Details:

All meals (breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner) will be provided at the Academy and will not be reimbursed regardless of the lodging status.  Contact your Training Coordinator for lodging availability.

Required Equipment:

DOC employees are to dress in accordance with Policy 4.1.1, Section 53.  Non-DOC employees should wear professional attire as determined by their local agency.


Northeast Region, National Institute of Corrections &  DOC Training Academy


Sgt. Matthew Scaife & NIC Instructors

Program Coordinator:

Director Jill Fluck


Each applicant must submit an Individual Application Form (Attached) and send with the Registration.  Mail, Email (, or Fax to Attention:  Academic Services - Course Registration.  Please use the Academy Registration Form to register nominees.  If a special accommodation is needed due to a disability, please note on registration form.  For more information contact the Program Coordinator.

Additional Information:



cc:        Director Fluck   Ms. Kishbaugh   Sgt. Scaife   Mr. Holland   Ms. Collins   Sgt. Schafer   Sgt. Gibbons   Wardens   File: 0701


(This form may be duplicated.)



How To Be An Effective Field Training Officer: National Institute of Corrections


Individual Application


To apply, complete and sign this form and mail or fax to Kelli Kishbaugh, 1451 North Market Street, Elizabethtown, PA 17022 or fax 717-367-5858.    Each item of this application must be completed to be given consideration.   Applications must be received by ____8/17/2007____.  Applicants accepted will receive confirmation and additional information about the seminar.




1.        Training program title: _____________________________



2.        Training program number: _________________________


3.        For multiple program offerings, I cannot attend on the following date(s):

                                     NOT APPLICABLE



4.    Name:      Mr. _____     Ms. _____     Mrs. _____





 5. Social Security No.        


Note: Disclosure of your Social Security Number is voluntary. NIC collects Social Security Numbers as an identifier for records of training participants. Executive Order No. 9397.




 6. Title                                                    Yrs. in position 



 7. Agency



 8. Mailing address


 9. City                                10. County


11. State                                      12. Zip code


13. Telephone (       )                         Fax (       )



14. E-mail                                                                                      



15. Primary area of corrections (check one):

        ____1. Adult jail

        ____2. Adult community corrections

        ____3. Adult prison

        ____4. Other (explain):



16. Type of agency (check one):


              ____1. Federal - Bureau of Prisons

                ____2. Federal - Uniformed Services

                ____3. Federal - Other

                ____4. State

                ____5. Local

                ____6. Regional

                ____7. U.S. commonwealth or territory

                ____8. Foreign

               ____9. Private


17.  Agency/institution information:


                Institution/facility population


                Agency population


              Total number of agency staff


                Number of staff you supervise


18.  Training program for team participation? If yes:

  ____a) each team member must complete an application,

 ____ b) each team member’s individual supplementary                                               information attached,

  ____c) list team members below, and

  ____d) send all applications together.


List team members below:











19.   I agree to fully participate in this program. 




Signature:                                                                                           Date:


Jill Fluck
Director of Training Services
PA Department of Corrections
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MHughes replied on Sun, Jan 27 2008 12:21 PM

I am working with a group of staff at the NYC Department of Correction on a Facility Base Training Program that incorperates Field Training Officers.  I am interested in the FTO training program noted in the subject.  Any additional information you can share regarding it would be great. 


My contact information is:

Mark Hughes, Warden

NYC Department of Correction

(718) 546-1100


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This is a course that was developed in Maine. I recommend contacting Eric Hyatt.  His contact info is:  

Hyatt, ErikMaine Department of CorrectionsTraining Academy807 Cushing RoadWarren, ME 04864Phone: (207) 273-5403; fax: (207) 273-5373E-mail:


Jill Fluck
Director of Training Services
PA Department of Corrections
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