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Looking for Thinking for a Change Trainer or Training in San Francisco Bay Area

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Communityworks posted on Tue, Feb 28 2012 12:18 PM

Can someone recommend a trainer or training in the Bay Area- preferably in San Francisco or the East Bay. We'd like to train our Reentry case managers that work in collaboration with the San Francisco Sheriff's Department.

Thank you!

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Suggested by Debbie

I would be happy to talk to you about training - Juliana Taymans -

Juliana Taymans

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Is there a resource whereby one can search based on location? Juliana - are you in California? We are based in LA and need to also discuss this.

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Patti replied on Thu, Mar 8 2012 1:34 PM

I am also interested in a training somewhere in the same area. Please keep me informed on the forum. I'll keep checking.

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