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PREA Audit Illinois

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Jason posted on Wed, May 20 2015 1:01 AM

Hello, I have just been tasked with bringing our 150 bed / 25 officer Illinois Jail into PREA compliance. We started with the basic questionnaire and classification steps. I know this is not enough. I am unclear what training I need to implement or where to get this training. I have not had any training on PREA or PREA compliance. I am expected to pass the Audit January 2016. That gives me just over 6 months to accomplish this. Any help, guidance, links, advice or direction would be great.

Thank you 

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Suggested by Chris Auen


Send me your contact information and I will help you out where I can. Send it to 

Sergeant Chris Auen

Accreditation Manager

Detention Services Division

22880 Whelan Ln.

Boyds, Md. 20841

240-773-9746 (O)

240-773-9945 (F)

Montgomery County, Maryland

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I coordinate all of our PREA Training for the Missouri Department of Corrections.  If you would like to contact me to discuss some of the processes we have gone through and our training I'd be happy to help you out.

My email is


Stephanie Greiner


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Suggested by Deanna Axland

Greetings:  Regarding PREA training, NIC has on-line courses.  The "Your Role Responding to Sexual Abuse," was a good class and very interactive.  Not only are the ecourses good classes, but they are free.  And they are adding topics frequently.  The classes are self-paced with a set block of training time.

If your staff does not have access to the internet, NIC staff(Scott Weygandt) will show how to set up your staff's training accounts.  Our computer people had to lock in the website, so that staff can only access that website.

Deanna Axland, Detention Supervisor, Pottawattamie County, Iowa, Jail Division, Training Unit. Council Bluffs, IA

Deanna Axland

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Suggested by kmahoney

Hello: Its a daunting task, but it still can be accomplished. Has the facility every heard of PREA? Do you have  any policies/procedures around reporting of sexual misconduct at all? PREA is very much policy driven. Do you have a PREA policy for your jail? IF not you will need to write one. It can be very daunting. Our PREA policy for our facilties is 5  policies. Total 35 pages. 

Have you been to the PREA resource Center?

First you you start with getting yourself PREA trained. They have training progtams at the PREA resource center. And the staff immediately.

Do you have a state wide PREA coordintor at your state facilities? They should be able to help.

We just finsihed our audit of three facilities. We passed. Feel free to contact me Kathleen Mahoney DOC Maine

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Jason replied on Wed, May 27 2015 10:31 PM

Thank you all for any help you can assist me with.


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