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Apply Now - NIC's Learning and Performance Symposium 2015

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2015 NIC Learning and Performance Symposium:

Innovations in Training and Learning Delivery


September 2 – 4, 2015

National Corrections Academy (NCA), Aurora, Colorado

The National Institute of Corrections is pleased to announce the 2015 Learning and Performance Symposium: Innovations in Training and Learning Delivery. This year’s activities focus on the number one identified need of the corrections field, innovations in training and learning delivery, as determined in needs assessment processes during our 2014 Symposium. We invite you to participate in this interactive experience!


What Will Occur During This Year’s Symposium?

·       Presentations by peers in the corrections field on how they are innovating in the delivery of training in their organization

·       Breakout sessions in discipline specific groupings (community services, jails, juvenile justice, and prisons) to discuss training and learning issues specific to those settings

·       Opportunities for sharing what innovations in training and learning delivery you are implementing and trying out in your organizaiton – and how they are working and/or not working

·       Mini-catalyzing presentations followed by “how can we implement” discussions


Who Should Attend?

Staff development and training professionals from local, state and federal adult and juvenile corrections settings including jails, prisons, community corrections, juvenile detention,  juvenile probation and parole, US Probation, Federal Bureau of Prisons, and Pre Trial Services. We also welcome leaders and those that support learning and performance in these agencies!


Specifically – anyone who works in criminal justice staff development and training including Training Directors, Training Administrators, Training Coordinators, Full-Time Trainers, Part-Time Trainers (Adjunct or Field), and Curriculum Designers regardless of time in role.

Application Requirements

Apply at this link in the NIC Learning Center:


Application Due Date

July 17, 2015


Logistics, Lodging, Meals and Travel

There are no tuitition or fees for NIC events.  Please note: NIC’s procedures regarding lodging and meals have changed. Participants selected to attend will receive additional information on reimbursible lodging, meals and transportation expenses to and from the symposium. NIC will pay for selected participants airfare via NIC’s travel agency. Miscellaneous and incidental expenses are the responsibility of participants or their agencies.


Who Do I Contact for More Information?


Bernie Iszler, Correctional Program Specialist


Leslie LeMaster, Correctional Program Specialist




New Travel / Logistics Information


Adria Tafoya, Registrar


Leslie LeMaster / NIC Academy Division "We must become the change we want to see." - Mahatma Gandhi

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