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Correctional Officer Training Academy - Training Curriculum

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Carolyn Gurski posted on Wed, Apr 27 2016 9:57 AM

I am looking for states that have a great balance of security practices and mental health/thinking for a change training curriculum for pre-service security training for correctional officers and parole agents. If anyone could share Basic Training Schedules so I could do a comparison or visit your training academy I would appreciate it.


Thank you,

Carolyn Gurski

Chief Public Safety Officer

Illinois Department of Corrections

217-558-2200 ext. 6647

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Contact Trish Signor at the Iowa DOC for a copy and some information on the Pre-Service Academy curriculum used there.  Iowa runs an 'academic' program that has a significant amount of communication, mental health and offender interaction elements. 

Paul Foreman, Training Specialist

Iowa DOC 515-725-5770

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Thanks and I will see you on Tuesdaycool

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