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Tazer Policy and Selection

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Ed Yahnig Posted: Mon, Dec 4 2006 12:29 PM

Hello Everyone,

The Missouri Department of Corrections Fugitive Recovery Unit is adopting Tazer technology and I need to see if I can get information from those who have also adopted this tool.  Specifically:

  • What type of Tazer was selected?
  • What are the specifications of the Tazer that your agency is selected?
  • Who provided the training for the Tazer?
  • Can I review your agency's policy on the Tazer?

Thanks you,

Ed Yahnig
Training Academy
Missouri DOC

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Type of Taser:  X26

Go to for specifications.

Taser International supplied the initial Training the Trainer sessions.

I will forward you a copy of our policy by separate email.


Lieutenant Gerald T. Milan, CJM Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Department of Corrections 500 East Adams Street Jacksonville, FL 32202 Email: Phone: 904-630-5744 Fax: 904-630-7550

replied on Thu, Dec 14 2006 9:46 AM
The International Association of Chiefs of Police has an online document that might be useful which is available at  I will also send you policy information that isn't available online.
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