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Billy Posted: Fri, Jun 9 2006 3:28 PM | Locked

Thank you for choosing to participate in the Corrections Community.  In an effort to make this a valuable and reliable source of information, the public forums are moderated by professionals from the National Institute of Corrections. 

Please respect the Community and fellow members by keeping discussions on topic and relevant. The following content will be rejected by our moderators and continued abuse may result in permanent or temporary suspension of your account:

  • Marketing announcements, commercials, and advertisements;
  • Copyrighted material without a valid statement of the copyright holder's permission to transmit the material;
  • Requests for basic information about corrections (e.g., from students or other non-practitioners);
  • Messages intended for an individual member that do not provide information of value to other members;
  • Messages suggesting that members take action to promote a particular political position;
  • Personal observations about individuals;
  • Inflammatory remarks about others' viewpoints or actions or about the policies or actions of correctional agencies or other organizations;
  • Messages containing profane language;
  • Messages without direct relevance to corrections issues; or
  • "Spam."

Moderators reserve the right to reject messages that staff consider inappropriate. If a message is deemed inappropriate by a Moderator, the message will be rejected, and the member will be advised why the post is unacceptable. In some cases, messages can be successfully resubmitted by the author after changes are made.

If a person continues to post inappropriate messages despite specific guidance from a Moderator, or if a member posts an excessive number of inappropriate messages of any kind, the person's posting privileges may be suspended. Such suspension will be effective pending review of the matter by the National Institute of Corrections. If so determined, the person's posting privileges may be permanently revoked or the member may be removed from the forum.

Billy Mathews, Webmaster
National Institute of Corrections
Information Center

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