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Welcome to the NIC Policy and Procedure Exchange

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posted on Wed, Jul 11 2012 10:15 AM | Locked

NIC Policy and Procedure Exchange Forum

Welcome to the NIC Policy and Procedure Exchange. Correctional agencies all have the need to produce clear and concise written directives for staff, offenders, and the community.  Given the issues of administrative liability, accreditation standards, case law, and the need to support professional behavior, written policy and procedure is a necessity. Since all correctional agencies are involved with policy development, the NIC Policy and Procedure Exchange Forum is an excellent focal point for sharing, making requests, gathering information, and proposing drafts.


The concept of this forum is truly “take a penny, leave a penny”. When you need some examples of how other agencies have addressed an issue through policy, make a request. When you have finalized your resulting policy, make another posting making it available to others. Try to keep the “penny tray” balanced so the forum is a useful resource for all.


Please note that this forum is publically viewable.  If you consider your policy need to be sensitive in nature, you should plan to make contacts through this forum, but perhaps use private e-mail or other means to exchange content.



Concerning policy and procedure development needs, a good place to start is the NIC Policy and Procedure resource webpage. 

 If you don't find what you need there, please contact the NIC Information Center.


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