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2015 NIC Virtual Conference- Staff Wellness- Podcast

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Bernie Iszler posted on Thu, Jun 4 2015 1:33 PM

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Join the 2015 NIC national virtual conference in corrections on June 10, 2015 from 10 am to 3 pm EST. The theme is “New Directions in Corrections: Staff Wellness.” Archived presentations will be available online following the conference.

It’s no secret that people working in corrections are at high risk of physical harm. Yet their risk of not being able to maintain a healthy emotional and psychological sense of well-being as a result of their work is often ignored. As they carry home the direct and vicarious trauma they’ve endured throughout the day, their personal relationships with co-workers, friends, and loved ones can begin to suffer.

Requiring more than just the ability to “shake off” the day’s work, corrections staff need adequate training, resources, and administrative support to balance life and the extreme demands of this often overlooked occupation.

Today’s program highlights this year’s online virtual conference hosted by the National Institute of Corrections, which will address the issue of staff wellness in corrections and offer a full 5-hour day of free training and seminars to educate stakeholders about this serious issue.

Guests of the show include Maureen Buell, Correctional Program Specialist at the National Institute of Corrections, and Roy McGrath of the Oregon Department of Corrections. Both Buell and McGrath specialize in the field of staff wellness.

The program was produced by Donna Ledbetter of the National Institute of Corrections.


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