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  • Correctional Officer Training Academy - Training Curriculum

    I am looking for states that have a great balance of security practices and mental health/thinking for a change training curriculum for pre-service security training for correctional officers and parole agents. If anyone could share Basic Training Schedules so I could do a comparison or visit your training...
    Posted to Correctional Trainers (Forum) by Carolyn Gurski on Wed, Apr 27 2016
  • Mid Level Management / Internal Investigations

    Does anybody have any training material on Mid Level Management or Internal Investigations? If so please email to Thanks and stay safe,
    Posted to Correctional Trainers (Forum) by nickgallam on Tue, Aug 30 2011
  • Critical Incident Practice Drills

    Howdy all. Looking for some direction in conducting Critical Incident drills. Some Topics I am looking for are: Suicide Intervention Medical Emergency Lock Failure Power Failure Terrorist Threat/Attack Escape Drills Hostage Situation Bomb Threat Natural Disaster Mass Arrest Inmate Disturbance...
    Posted to Correctional Trainers (Forum) by Dave Baker on Mon, Sep 27 2010
  • Re: Content Development Handbook

    By far the best book on curriculum design that I've ever used is Mastering the Instructional Design Process, A Systematic Approach by William Rothwell and H.C.Kazanas (ISBN 0-7879-6052-7). While some may think it's a little too in-depth, I’ve found it to be spot-on when it comes to designing...
    Posted to Correctional Trainers (Forum) by Ed Yahnig on Thu, Feb 18 2010
  • Mandatory policy & procedure training-annual

    Do any of you train annually on policy & procedure? Or do you just give out the new updates and have staff sign for them? If you do train annually-what format? How long is the training? Thanks!
    Posted to Correctional Trainers (Forum) by TKeehn on Tue, Sep 29 2009
  • Re: Report writing, Ethics, FTO training program

    If you would like a copy of our training programs I have uploaded Missouri DOC FTO program, In-service Ethics and Report Writing lesson plans to the NIC shared files. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.
    Posted to Correctional Trainers (Forum) by Ed Yahnig on Tue, Feb 3 2009
  • EVOC training

    I am looking for information on State level facilities that conduct some type of emergency vehicle operations course for their COs either in basic or inservice training. Please contact Sgt. Bear Maher at 808-453-6093 or email me at Thanks in advance. Aloha Sgt. Bear...
    Posted to Correctional Trainers (Forum) by bearmaher on Sat, Oct 18 2008
  • Re: Inmate Manipulation

    Hello, I am an ex correction officer from Georgia and MIchigan. My pastor has put me in charge of forming our correctional outreach ministry. We are in the infant stages of forming the ministry and I am looking for training material to train our future volunteers on inmate manipulation and similiar...
    Posted to Correctional Trainers (Forum) by kenneth.varney on Fri, Oct 10 2008
  • Case Management Training

    Hello Everyone, I am seeking curriculum to train Parole Officers and Correctional Caseworkers in Case Management. Do any of you have curriculum that you would be willing to share? Please contact me if you do. Thank you, Ed Yahnig 573/522-5980
    Posted to Correctional Trainers (Forum) by Ed Yahnig on Tue, Oct 7 2008
  • Lesson Plan Format

    I am looking for a simple lesson plan format. I need something easy and not too time-consuming to use. I have training sessions already developed and being taught by a diverse group of instructors. This is rather backwards, but I now need to have lesson plans for all the classes. Any suggestions?
    Posted to Correctional Trainers (Forum) by tswinscoe on Thu, May 1 2008
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