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  • Disaster / Fire Drills

    Does anyone have any scenarios that they would be willing to share? We have a smoke machine, but I want to branch out from just a simple fire and victim recovery. I would like to throw some curves at my shift commanders during the drills. Looking for scenarios, casualty cards, scenario changing cards...
    Posted to Correctional Trainers (Forum) by Lt. Dan OBrien on Tue, Sep 22 2015
  • Safely Handling Unknown Substances

    Does anyone have a task sheet or policy on handling unknown substances: Example, during the search of an inmate's property during booking, powder found in an envelope. Need something along the lines of Universal/Standard precautions. 1. Don't touch it; 2. Don't put your nose in it; 3. Do...
    Posted to Correctional Trainers (Forum) by Deanna Axland on Wed, Nov 9 2011
  • Pro-Straint Chair

    Good Day all, I am requesting that anyone who has any training material for the AEDEC International Pro-Straint Chair to please send me a copy. I have recently purchased 2 of these chairs and need to create a training module for it's use. I reached out to the manufacture and they do not have any...
    Posted to Correctional Trainers (Forum) by Jason Dembowski on Tue, Jun 14 2011
  • Re: Critical Incident Practice Drills

    I conducted a drill during a certification for our medical staff. I had gotten a smoke generator from the local high school stage crew. I placed the smoke maker in our returning inmate area. The drill was that an inmate returned from work release with a bomb and it went off early injuring a boat load...
    Posted to Correctional Trainers (Forum) by SGTR on Thu, Oct 21 2010
  • Critical Incident Practice Drills

    Howdy all. Looking for some direction in conducting Critical Incident drills. Some Topics I am looking for are: Suicide Intervention Medical Emergency Lock Failure Power Failure Terrorist Threat/Attack Escape Drills Hostage Situation Bomb Threat Natural Disaster Mass Arrest Inmate Disturbance...
    Posted to Correctional Trainers (Forum) by Dave Baker on Mon, Sep 27 2010

    In the scheme of officer safety, does anyone have any good training materials on the importance of the back up officers? Thanks, Jerry
    Posted to Correctional Trainers (Forum) by Gerald T. Milan, CJM on Mon, Jun 7 2010
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