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  • Request for scenarios/drills

    I am writing to request a copy of any scenarios you may have for corrections for the Incident Command System (ICS). Additionally, any security drill you may have that you would like to share would be greatly appreciated.
    Posted to Correctional Trainers (Forum) by Joe Koerner on Mon, Nov 5 2018
  • Testing/ Interview Questions for New Training Officers

    Hello everyone! I have FTO postitions open on 2 different shifts right now, and I am wanting input on how you pick your training officers for your facilities. Please keep in my mind I work in a medium size county jail, so resources are scarse to say the least. Any input on interview questions, testing...
    Posted to Correctional Trainers (Forum) by Snlewis48 on Fri, Jun 29 2018
  • Correctional employees' attitudes toward the Level of Service Inventory.

    Hi, My name is Ramon Perez, M.S., and I am inviting you to evaluate which 58 statements (or items) are relevant (or “essential”) to ask correctional personnel about their experience with the Level of Service Inventory-Revised (LSI-R). We are interested in people that have been involved with...
    Posted to Correctional Trainers (Forum) by Ramon Perez on Sun, Oct 15 2017
  • CO FTO Video

    I am writing curriculum for a 40 hour Field Training Officer course specifically designed for Correctional Officers. I am seeking approximately 15 minutes of video, for this course, of Correctional Officers doing normal, daily tasks (supervising meal service, conducting count, observing visitation, etc...
    Posted to Correctional Trainers (Forum) by Suzie Pyle on Mon, Apr 24 2017
  • Correctional Officer Training Academy - Training Curriculum

    I am looking for states that have a great balance of security practices and mental health/thinking for a change training curriculum for pre-service security training for correctional officers and parole agents. If anyone could share Basic Training Schedules so I could do a comparison or visit your training...
    Posted to Correctional Trainers (Forum) by Carolyn Gurski on Wed, Apr 27 2016
  • Alaska Deputy Commissioner Recruitments

    The State of Alaska, Department of Corrections, is recruiting for two Deputy Commissioner positions. We are seeking a Deputy Commissioner of Institutions which will oversee all aspects of the daily operations of the 12 statewide correctional institutions. This position is responsible for oversight of...
    Posted to General Topics (Forum) by AAWilkerson on Tue, Feb 16 2016
  • Alaska Director of Institutions

    The Department of Corrections is recruiting for the position of Director of Institutions. Among other duties, this position is responsible for the daily security and operations of the 12 statewide correctional institutions which provide care and custody of incarcerated persons housed within the department...
    Posted to General Topics (Forum) by AAWilkerson on Tue, Feb 16 2016
  • USDWA Conference July 2015

    Minnesota is busily planning the 70 th Annual United States Deputy Wardens Conference for July 12th-16 th in Bloomington. The conference is at the Minneapolis Airport Marriott which is right next to the Mall of America. We will have more than 20 training sessions on timely topics such as: · Crisis...
    Posted to Correctional Trainers (Forum) by Mary McComb on Fri, Apr 24 2015
  • Conference Announcement

    The Maine Department of Corrections is pleased to host the : 15 th Bi-Annual Adult and Juvenile Female Offender Conference October 6-10, 2013 Holiday Inn by the Bay Portland, Maine Please check out the website at: REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! Sponsor and Exhibitor registration is also open...
    Posted to General Topics (Forum) by Cynthia Brann on Tue, Jul 30 2013
  • Re: PREA In-Service Training

    National PREA Resource workgroup NPR-WORK Working together to share, develop and collaborate on resources, requirements and zero tolerance towards sexual abuse The website has more materials, powerpoints, forms and resources The PREA Resource Center...
    Posted to Correctional Trainers (Forum) by Kila Jager on Mon, Feb 25 2013
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