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  • Alaska Deputy Commissioner Recruitments

    The State of Alaska, Department of Corrections, is recruiting for two Deputy Commissioner positions. We are seeking a Deputy Commissioner of Institutions which will oversee all aspects of the daily operations of the 12 statewide correctional institutions. This position is responsible for oversight of...
    Posted to General Topics (Forum) by AAWilkerson on Tue, Feb 16 2016
  • Alaska Director of Institutions

    The Department of Corrections is recruiting for the position of Director of Institutions. Among other duties, this position is responsible for the daily security and operations of the 12 statewide correctional institutions which provide care and custody of incarcerated persons housed within the department...
    Posted to General Topics (Forum) by AAWilkerson on Tue, Feb 16 2016
  • Inmate Discipline - Removal of Mattress

    I am interested in finding out if there are any facilities who do or do not use the removal of a mattress during non-regular sleeping hours as a form of discipline. I know of a couple of county detention facilities that exercise this practice and a few others that say it cannot be legally done. I read...
    Posted to General Topics (Forum) by Lt. Mike Beedy on Tue, Jan 14 2014
  • Conference Announcement

    The Maine Department of Corrections is pleased to host the : 15 th Bi-Annual Adult and Juvenile Female Offender Conference October 6-10, 2013 Holiday Inn by the Bay Portland, Maine Please check out the website at: REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! Sponsor and Exhibitor registration is also open...
    Posted to General Topics (Forum) by Cynthia Brann on Tue, Jul 30 2013
  • Re: National PREA Resource Workgroup NPR-WORK

    The video can be downloaded at: Also the National PREA Resource Workgroup withother resources, links, newsletters about PREA materials is If you are not a member, it is free. just send contact information prea.coordinator...
    Posted to General Topics (Forum) by Kila Jager on Tue, Aug 28 2012
  • Validated Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Tool (PREA)

    PREA Standards require screening for risk of victimization and abusiveness. Wh at you are using to satisfy this standard. We have been asked about using the SAVY . I cannot find where it is validated. Does anyone know? Does anyone use a validated vulnerability...
    Posted to General Topics (Forum) by Kila Jager on Mon, Mar 19 2012
  • Staff Rfresher Training on PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act)

    We are working on yearly PREA staff refresher training. What do you do in this area and can you share your training? I have posted this question to the National PREA REsourse Workgroup also.
    Posted to Correctional Trainers (Forum) by Kila Jager on Fri, Oct 21 2011
  • PREA Audit correctional facility

    We are looking at doing a PREA audit of compliance. Have any of you audited your PREA program and facilities, and can share the format you used, who you pulled in to do it, and any other details? It doesn’t make sense to start from scratch if it has already been done. Please share any information...
    Posted to Correctional Trainers (Forum) by Kila Jager on Fri, Oct 21 2011
  • Camera coverage, Technology Standards, Correctional Facility

    we are looking at the camera coverage we have in our facilities. Some are well covered; however our oldest and largest facility needs an evaluation and more camera placement. Have any of you developed standards for camera placement in your facilities? If you have a standard or policy, can you share it...
    Posted to Correctional Trainers (Forum) by Kila Jager on Fri, Oct 21 2011
  • Internal Investigations

    Does anybody have any training material (ie lesson plans, ppt.) on conducting internal investigations in a correctional environment?
    Posted to Correctional Trainers (Forum) by nickgallam on Thu, Sep 15 2011
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