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  • Inmate masturbation

    We are looking for information on how other agencies are addressing issues with male inmates exposing their genitals and/or masturbating in front of female correctional staff: 1) Is this an ongoing issue in your facility? 2) Are inmates only targeting correctional officers, or are they also exhibiting...
    Posted to General Topics (Forum) by Debbie Boecker on Mon, Nov 13 2017
  • Slides on Security Checks

    Good Morning All- I'm looking for PowerPoint Presentations used for security checks. Any contributions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Liz
    Posted to Correctional Trainers (Forum) by Liz Craig on Mon, Jul 14 2014
  • Videotaping of moves and Strip Search

    We are wondering what other facilities videotape moves to higher security and if so, whether the strip search portion of the move is videotaped as well. If so, is the videotaping done from the neck up?
    Posted to General Topics (Forum) by Tfinnegan on Tue, Jul 2 2013

    I am seeking information on the provision of mobility training as an inmate reasonable accommodation request for blind inmates. I would appreciate any information regarding whether your jail or prison offers this type of training; and if so, please provide details such as: who conducts the training,...
    Posted to General Topics (Forum) by NinaEdwards on Tue, Jun 18 2013
  • PREA - Policies and Response Plans

    I am a Sgt. for a large four facility county jail in California. I am working on compliance with the recently enacted PREA federal mandates. I am looking for any jail or prison facility that has a zero tolerance sexual abuse policy that I can reveiw. I am also wanting to see any sexual assault response...
    Posted to General Topics (Forum) by turnbaugh on Thu, Feb 14 2013
  • Organization’s Website Mug-shot Posting and in Need of a Corresponding Organizational Policy Example Supporting the Practice

    I am looking for an inmate mug-shot policy. Scott County Sheriff’s Office corrections currently places mug-shots on the Sheriff’s Office website and the Sheriff has requested policy be developed to manage. Very interested in the release of information, i.e., photo to the public via open access...
    Posted to General Topics (Forum) by clifford.tebbitt on Thu, Dec 27 2012
  • Aftermath of the Florence decision

    On April 2, the Supreme Court in the Florence case held that reasonable suspicion i s not required to strip search those arrestees entering the jail and who are being placed in general population units after booking. This decision overturned decisions from a number of federal appeals courts. This post...
    Posted to General Topics (Forum) by The Legal Beagle on Tue, Jul 10 2012
  • Validated Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Tool (PREA)

    PREA Standards require screening for risk of victimization and abusiveness. Wh at you are using to satisfy this standard. We have been asked about using the SAVY . I cannot find where it is validated. Does anyone know? Does anyone use a validated vulnerability...
    Posted to General Topics (Forum) by Kila Jager on Mon, Mar 19 2012
  • Re: National PREA Resource Workgroup NPR-WORK

    The Diana Screen--Child Protection Test A National PREA REsource workgroup member asks the following: Greetings everyone, I was curious if any of you are familiar with the Diana Screen tool used for screening staff that should not work with children. Your input is appreciated. I have attached information...
    Posted to General Topics (Forum) by Kila Jager on Mon, Feb 6 2012
  • Memorandums of Understanding

    Does anyone have samples of memorandums of understanding that they can share? I am looking for samples from jails that have mou's to house their detainees/inmates in another jail in the event they had to evacuate their facility in an emergency situation. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated...
    Posted to General Topics (Forum) by Michael Lukas on Tue, Jan 31 2012
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