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  • End-of-Life Prison Care

    Good Afternoon, I am hoping that I may be able to find some data. I am a PhD student at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA, working on my dissertation. My topic is the institutional factors that influence end-of-life care for prisoners. I am looking at factors such as age of the prison population...
    Posted to Correctional Research Roundtable (Forum) by Ryan Marie Diduk on Wed, Jun 26 2013
  • inquiry from PhD candidate

    Hello all, I am a doctoral candidate with the International Research Centre for Investigative Psychology (IRCIP) and I am looking to conduct reseearch on violent offenders. My goal is to interview 20 to 22 perpetrators of extreme violence (murderers-- either imprisoned or paroled) for their narratives...
    Posted to Correctional Research Roundtable (Forum) by Tori Sebranek on Tue, Mar 26 2013
  • Staff cell phone detection

    Good Morning, I received this question on Friday. If you have any suggestions/experience, please respond to this post! Thanks, Liz ---------------- "I am looking for information on cell phone detection equipment that will allow our facility to locate cell phones on staff that are coming into the...
    Posted to General Topics (Forum) by Liz Craig on Mon, Jun 25 2012
  • Keith Gilabert, Economic Impacts of Prison Growth

    Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Hello, I’d like to introduce myself, my name is Keith Gilabert , I’m an economic analysis for public policy and I am writing a report on the Economic Impacts of Prison Growth. I think it is important to support the...
    Posted to General Topics (Forum) by Keith Gilabert on Tue, Apr 10 2012
  • PREA, Prison Rape Elimination Act Compliance in training

    In PREA standards ( proposed rules), we are required to train all employees, contractors, volunteers, residents/inmates, investigators, mental health and medical practitioners, and anyone who has direct contact with residents/inmates. On the National PREA REsource Workgroup (NPR-WORK) website http:/...
    Posted to General Topics (Forum) by Kila Jager on Thu, Mar 8 2012
  • Re: National PREA Resource Workgroup NPR-WORK

    We finally have a website for this workgroup It is still very basic and does not have all the member states training material yet. We will be adding news articles, what’s happening in member states and resources as we get them. Also a great new...
    Posted to General Topics (Forum) by Kila Jager on Tue, Jul 26 2011
  • National PREA Resource Workgroup NPR-WORK

    Welcome to t he National PREA Resource Workgroup (NPR-WORK) discussion link - TWELVE STATES AND GROWING Cooperation, collaboration and combination of ideas, materials, policies, training, and all things PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) comprise this workgroup. The idea started when Oregon received...
    Posted to General Topics (Forum) by Kila Jager on Fri, Jul 1 2011
  • What medications do you routinely crush?

    Hi All! My facility, a county jail, does not routinely crush any medications unless the inmate has been caught cheeking his meds. My personal opinion is that they have already been caught, that's why they are in jail. And, most inmates have a drug history anyway. Why are we giving them the opportunity...
    Posted to General Topics (Forum) by katwilo2 on Thu, Mar 3 2011
  • Staff furloughs & prison closures

    Looking for information: 1. How many states are currently furloughing custody/security staff? We are in Nevada; 1 unpaid furlough per month. 2. How many states are considering furloughs? 3. How many states are planning to close a facilitie(s)? There are discussions on closing Nevada's oldest prison...
    Posted to Correctional Research Roundtable (Forum) by CynthiaKeller on Mon, Feb 7 2011
  • Re: mattress

    Security First STATE OF THE ART window clear covered, correctional mattresses, in service at 600 facilities across America, come with hermetically sealed seams and a three year warranty - 100% workmanship and materials - no proration. MRSA resistant. Meets current local, state, federal and international...
    Posted to General Topics (Forum) by Vinyl Products Mfg;, Inc. on Wed, Feb 3 2010
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