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This page provides video and written tutorials on how to use the NIC Forums website.

Click on one of the grey boxes to expand it and watch the video or download the PDF tutorial.

  • How to Create an Account and Login

    Instructions for setting up your account:

    (the first time setting things up):

    1. Go here:
      1. If you need to setup a new account:
        Click on the Create New Account tab and fill in the information.
        The Shipping Address information should be your work shipping address if you want to order physical publications from NIC. If you don't want to order physical products, then you can put a single letter character in each of the required fields and select any state.

        1. We recommend setting a longer password that is unique to the website and storing that password in a secure place. 
      2. If you already have an account:
        Click on the Request New Password tab.
        Put in your email and click the E-mail new password button.
    2. The system will send you an email with a link in it, click the link and you'll be brought back to the NIC website to a page to set your password.
    3. SAVE your email and password somewhere where you can find them as needed.

    Every time after you set up your account,
    this is how we recommend you log into the NIC Community site:

    1. Go straight to (bookmark this page)
    2. Click on the red Login to Participate button in the upper right hand corner.
    3. You'll be directed to a login page, enter your email address in the user name field and put in your password to login.
    4. You should be automatically redirected to the Community site, but if you're not, hover over Connect in the main menu and click on Forums.
    5. If the red Login to Participate button is gone, you're logged in. If it's still there, click on it again.

    If you have any questions, please use the User Tools > Contact NIC (General) link to contact us for support.