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Does the NorMA study is applied somehow in working with drugs in correctional institutions?

Submitted by Modapil on Mon, 11/29/2021 - 07:41

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According to many authorities, the NorMa study gives valuable info about solving the drug abuse problem in correction institutions.
I think that that data should be primary and make appropriate data on every county. It will give a more personal approach to understanding the problems behind the abuse of drugs and solutions for solving them.

Small part of the study:

The prison population worldwide is approaching 11 million people and continues to grow in the majority of countries (Walmsley, 2016). Among people in prison, a large proportion have a history of drug use and substance use disorders (SUD) (Fazel et al., 2017; Friestad & Kjelsberg, 2009; Stewart, 2009; UNODC, 2019).

Drug use among people in prison is associated with a range of adverse outcomes both during imprisonment and post-release (Binswanger et al., 2013; Chang et al., 2015). The risk of suicide in prison is particularly high for people with SUDs, and withdrawal from drug use has been identified as a possible trigger for suicide in the first days of incarceration (Larney et al., 2014; Rivlin et al., 2013).

You can read from the following resources for more data:

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